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 Is Your YouTube Important?

You will be hard pressed to find a person who hasn’t heard of YouTube. It has become one of the largest forces on the Internet. It has a whopping 1 billion new visitors each month, and is the second biggest search engine on the web. Next to…you guessed it…Google. The interesting part is that YouTube has been bought by Google, so the connectivity between the two platform are facilitated. Now, it’s not hard to make anyone believe the influence of YouTube, but the question remains if and how YouTube can be utilized to grow small businesses.  The answer is easy: Yes. YouTube can definitely help businesses grow, and it can do so very effectively.

Now, how to do that requires long term and creative thinking. YouTube is not designed to be a get rich quick platform. It is formatted in way to promote authenticity and credibility. These two aspects are not easily constructed. Credibility takes time and effort. Since YouTube is a video hosting platform, it also takes creativity to branch out from other channels. However, the business that sticks to YouTube on the long term will reap tremendous benefits. YouTube will rank channels that has more videos, more content, and more engagement. It will help solidify the business’s brand story.

There is nothing to lose by using Youtube’s platform. YouTube is a FREE hosting platform, there is no cost to upload videos. YouTube will promote the videos freely too, all they ask is for the videos to be informational and creative. If a video is unique enough, it will have the potential to go viral. This can increase your base exponentially. The risk is low, and the potential high. Who would say no to that?