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Is Facebook Important?

It’s interesting to see the evolution of Facebook, from being restricted to just college students to becoming a worldwide force. Facebook is now the biggest social media platform in the world. It is used by young and old alike, and its features are invaluable. While it may seem scary for small businesses to start using Facebook, there are key advantages to doing so.

Using Facebook as a marketing platform is easier and more effective than previous and archaic forms of advertising. Traditional advertising was as shooting darts in the dark. Businesses would spend thousands of dollars on billboard, newspaper, and television advertising with no reliable way to communicate with potential customers. These forms of advertising are a one-way street.  Facebook has the advantage of being more intimate. Facebook can incorporate message boards, questionnaire, surveys, personal and business pages. If a customer has a specific question about your business, they can personal message the business profile, if available, the owner of that business. This flexibility that Facebook provides allows to close the distance between the business and its potential clientele.

But let’s be real here, there are over 45 million business pages on Facebook. While it is true that most of those pages are inactive, there are still around. This provides tremendous competition for potential customers…or does it? Not everybody is a target for your business and product. Unlike traditional marketing, there is no more need to shoot darts in the dark. You can choose to target a niche, and Facebook allows to specify your demographics.

Once you are able to specify the people that you want, you can create ad campaigns that tailors to their needs. This effective strategy can even increase the chances of a viral effect, which can dramatically increase your business clientele.